Compact Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
PocketChem A1c

PocketChem A1c is fast, accurate and simple glycohemoglobin analyzer with ergonomoic design.

Easy calibration

Use of barcode reader to scan calibration data, patient and operator ID.

Efficient data handling
User selectable dual reporting of result. User can select from % NGSP, IFCC mmol/mol,
eAG mg/dl or eAG mmol/l

Minute samples
Just 4 µl blood required from finger prick or venous sample. The innovative blood collector makes the blood sampling easy and consistent.

Compact and lightweight
Together with user friendly basic functions and ergonomic design, PocketChem A1c becomes the ideal choice for small/medium sized hospitals and clinics.
It is lightweight (0.7kg) with footprint only the size of A5 paper. Large tables are no longer needed.

Convenient Barcode
Barcode is available with the instrument.

Prompt and automatic
By closing the lid after applying the sample, the measurement starts automatically. The result is displayed in just four minutes.

Highly reliable
Boronate affinity methodology is widely recognized as interference-free from Hb varients.

Easy to operate (4 steps)


Samples Whole blood (capillary and venous blood)
Measured items HbA1c
Measurement principle Boronate affinity
Detection method Fluorescence quenching
Measurement range NGSP : 4-15 %
Throughput 4 minutes per sample
Sample volume 4 μL(whole blood)
Imprecision CV < 3 % at 7 % A1c (NGSP)
Measurement conditions 18-30 ℃, 20-80 % relative humidity
Memory capacity 7000 test results
Printer Thermal printer, 58mm thermal paper (Optional)
External output USB Port
Power supply AC100 V-240 V ±10 % 50/60 Hz
External dimensions W 205 x D 135 x H95 mm
Weight Instrument: 0.7 kg Printer: 0.5 kg
Warm up time 5-20 mins dependent upon external temp conditions

* Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice


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PocketChem A1c