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Nov 06, 2017

To promote activities for the dissemination of preventive dentistry:

Participation in the Japan Oral Beauty Association to be established on November 8 (Good Teeth Day)

Changing the name of salivary testing instrument capable of 5-minute oral environment check to "SiLL-Ha"

ARKRAY, Inc. will participate in the Japan Oral Beauty Association to be established on November 8 (Good Teeth Day). At the same time, the name of salivary testing instrument SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910 will be changed to "SiLL-Ha", which is more approachable to the general public.
We shall promote the expansion of salivary testing and take actions for the dissemination of preventive dentistry and enhancement of people's awareness.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY') will participate in the Japan Oral Beauty Association (Nihon Bikuchi Kyokai), which is to be established on November 8 (Good Teeth Day), 2017 to promote preventive dentistry with constituent members comprising doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and companies.

Compared with other countries, the situation of preventive dentistry in Japan is said to be 30 years behind. In particular, 80% of people aged 30 and over are considered to be affected by periodontal disease, suggesting a connection with various visceral diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases.
It could be said that Japan is indeed an okuchi-taikoku (a low-level country with respect to oral cleanliness). The Japan Oral Beauty Association shall work for the establishment of bikuchi-katsu (practices for clean oral cavities) in order to change okuchi (poorly maintained oral cavities) to bikuchi (clean oral cavities), aiming at the establishment of a bikuchi-taikoku (a country with a high level of oral cleanliness) where many people can enjoy delicious foods for a lifetime and live in good health. Dr. Wataru Nishida, a diabetes specialist and the author of "Informing Dental Clinics About Diabetes From a Physician's Perspective", and Dr. Toru Matsuo, the chairman of Japan Society for Dental Anti-Aging, have expressed their support for the intents and purpose of this Association's activities.

In April 2016, ARKRAY released SPOTCHEM ST ST-4910, a salivary testing instrument that enables a 5-minute oral environment check, serving to support preventive dentistry at domestic/overseas dental clinics. This time, on the sidelines of the establishment of Japan Oral Beauty Association, we will change the name of this salivary testing instrument to "SiLL-Ha", which is more approachable to the general public, and commence activities from November 8 (Good Teeth Day) to disseminate preventive dentistry to the general public as much as possible.
The name "SiLL-Ha" represents our aspiration for the enhancement of many more people's awareness (SiLL, derived from shiru in Japanese) about their own teeth (Ha in Japanese).

ARKRAY shall continue to engage in new product and service development also in the dentistry field by using its fundamental technologies to contribute to the health and well-being of people.


Salivary testing
instrument "SiLL-Ha"

Overview of Japan Oral Beauty Association

The number of Japanese people who are playing active roles worldwide and that of foreign tourists visiting in Japan are both continuing to increase. On the other hand, Japan is said to be an underdeveloped country with respect to oral care, resulting in a spread of poorly maintained okuchi among many people currently. Being in such a situation, the Japan Oral Beauty Association shall conduct awareness activities to spread correct information about the oral environment, aiming at the establishment of habitual visits to the dentist and the improvement of the oral environment, life and culture.

Product Features

• Simultaneously measures multiple items

One test can measure 6 items that are deeply related to troubles in the oral cavity.

• Streptococcus mutans
Measures metabolic activity of Streptococcus mutans and other bacteria within the oral cavity.

• Acidity and buffering capacity
Measures the acidity and buffering capacity (the saliva's ability to neutralize acids) of saliva. In general, if the saliva can easily turn acidic, cavities are considered more likely to occur.

• White blood cells and proteins
Measures the white blood cells and proteins present in saliva. These items may be detected in the saliva in the presence of gum diseases due to inflammation within the oral cavity.

• Ammonia
Ammonia is said to exist in saliva relative to the total bacteria count in the oral cavity. Measuring ammonia in the saliva estimates the bacteria level within the oral cavity.

• Easy operation and rapid measurement
Easily operated by simply dropping the sample on the test strip and pressing the start key. Measurement results can be obtained after 5 minutes.

•  Easily understandable results
Measurement results are visualized in an accessible radar chart format. In addition, comments can be added using dedicated software.

•  Compact and lightweight
The device fits in the palm of a hand and can be installed without taking up a lot of room. Also the 430 g lightweight design allows easy transport.

Overview of SiLL-Ha

Name Salivary testing instrument "SiLL-Ha"
   Meas. object Oral rinse sample
   Meas. items Streptococcus mutans, acidity, buffering capacity, white blood cells, protein and ammonia
   Meas. principle Dual-wavelength reflectance method
   Meas. wavelength 565/635/760 (nm)
   Test strip SiLL-Ha paper
   Test time 5 minutes
   Start-up time Maximum 30 seconds
   External output USB
   Meas. environment Temperature: 10 to 30°C / Humidity: 30 to 60% RH (no condensation) / Altitude: under 2,000 m
   External dimensions Approx. 160 (Width) × 105 (Depth) × 51 (Height) mm
   Weight Approx. 430 g
   Power source USB (DC 5V)

This instrument and testing kit are intended for research purposes.
Measurement results cannot be used to diagnose or to assist in diagnoses.