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Sep 19, 2017

Supporting improved efficiency of clinical testing operations at hospitals and emergency testing.

Release of a Fully-Automatic Urine Analyzer with New Functionality.

- Fully-automatic measurement of proteinuria and micro-albuminuria, useful for the early detection of chronic kidney disease. -

ARKRAY, Inc. is due to release a new fully-automatic urine analyzer, the AUTION MAX AX-4061 on September 19, 2017 (Tue). In addition to the items for qualitative urine testing*1, it is also possible to conduct the fully-automatic measurement of the urine protein/creatinine ratio*2, useful for the early detection of one of the lifestyle diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)*3, and urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio*4, used as an indicator for diabetic nephropathy*5. Equipped with new features for measurement of small volume samples with a dedicated rack and a function allowing direct measurement from a urine cup, it supports improved efficiency of clinical testing operations at hospitals and for emergency testing.

The AUTION MAX AX-4061, which shall be released by ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY'), is a successor model to the AUTION MAX AX-4060, and it is a fully-automatic urine analyzer that has been added with new features to meet the needs of the testing front line. Not only is it possible to conduct the measurement of a maximum 14 items for qualitative urine testing such as Glucose, Protein, Blood, etc., but the urine protein/creatinine ratio and urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio can also be simultaneously calculated and it provides qualitative urine test results, useful for the early detection of CKD and diabetic nephropathy.

This analyzer is equipped with new features for small volume measurement with a dedicated rack and a function allowing direct measurement from a urine cup. These new features offer improved efficiency of complicated clinical testing operations at hospitals and rapid measurements even in the case of emergency testing. Furthermore, a sample stirring function has been added. It serves to decrease the effects of sedimentation of formed components in urine samples and improve the reliability of test data.

Since successfully developing the world's first automated system for urinalysis in 1972, ARKRAY has provided fully-automatic qualitative urine analyzers, urine test strips and test data management systems to the market for more than 40 years. Moving forward, ARKRAY shall continue to endeavor in the development and provision of new solutions which contribute to the improved efficiency of test operations as well as improved data reliability so as to provide total support for urine testing.



Product features

• Simple and fast measurement

Easy measurement: simply set the sample tubes with urine to a sample rack. The first report will be output in 90 sec after the measurement.

• Contributing to early detection of CKD and diabetic nephropathy

By measuring 'urine protein/creatinine ratio', useful for the early detection of CKD, and 'urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio', used as an indicator for diabetic nephropathy, high-precision screening for kidney disease can be performed.


• Simplification of small volume measurementy

Urine sample is aspirated through the nozzle and a set volume of it is then applied to each test strip, allowing easy measurement even with low volume of samples (minimum of 2mL).There is a 'small volume mode' that enables measurement with even smaller volumes- half that of standard measurements (1mL). The new dedicated small-volume sample rack enables continuous automatic measurement. 'Small volume mode' and 'normal volume mode'can be set or automatically switched for each rack.

• Direct measurement from urine cup

'Cup STAT mode' is newly added as a function to aspirate and measure samples directly from a urine cup. Even at night or in the case of emergency, efficient measurement can be performed directly from a urine cup, not requiring dispensing to sample tubes.

• Sample stirring function

By using a new sample stirring function, it is possible to perform measurement while reducing the effects of sedimentation of sample components.


• Supporting 2 kinds of test strips

With dedicated test strips, 'Uriflet S-U series' and 'AUTION Sticks 10PA', testing of 5 to 11 items of urine qualitative items can be conducted.2 kinds of designated test strips can be loaded and it is possible to perform continuous measurements for a maximum 400 samples.During measurement, test strips used can be changed by barcode control or by changing a rack.

• Improved operability

The system comes with a 7 inch color touch panel and displays information about measurement results, device status and operation method in Japanese. It also boasts excellent operability which allows for operation even while wearing gloves.

• Easy daily maintenance

Since parts affected by adherence of sample can be easily removed and washed by water for cleaning, it is possible to ensure a hygienic state of use at all times.



※1 Qualitative urine testing
Urinalysis is divided into qualitative urine testing, which is conducted as a provisional examination using urine test strips, and urine sediment testing, which measures formed components in urine such as cells and bacteria.With qualitative urine testing conditions such as proteinuria, urinary sugar and occult blood are measured.

※2 Urine protein/creatinine ratio (Pro/Cre ratio)
An indicator that employs the ratio of the protein and creatinine concentrations in urine, which are simultaneously measured. It is used as an indicator for kidney function.

※3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Refers to chronic kidney damage. CKD has a deep association with lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, in addition to metabolic syndrome. As the kidneys continue to be subjected to worsening levels of impairment caused by CKD, various risks such as progression toward kidney failure, dialysis and cardiovascular disease consequently occur. (From 'Clinical Practice Guidebook for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease 2012' and 'Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for CKD 2013' (Japanese Society of Nephrology)

※4 Urine albumin/creatinine ratio (Alb/Cre ratio)
An indicator that employs the ratio of the microalbumin and creatinine concentrations in urine, which are simultaneously measured.It is used as an indicator for diabetic nephropathy.

※5 Diabetic nephropathy
A microvascular complication that occurs when chronic hyperglycemia persists over time. Clinically proteinuria (microalbuminuria in the initial stage),renal dysfunction, high blood pressure and adema are exhibited, ultimately resulting in kidney failure.

Overview of AUTION MAX AX-4061

Name Fully-automatic Urine Analyzer AUTION MAX AX-4061
Release date September 19, 2017 (Tue)
   Meas. target Urine
   Meas. items Glu (Glucose), Pro (Protein), Bld (Occult blood), Bil (Bilirubin), Uro (Urobilinogen), pH, Ket (Ketones), Nit (Nitrite), Leu (Leukocytes), Cre (Creatinine), Alb (Albumin)
S.G, Color tone, Turbidity (instrument measurement)
Calculation items: Pro/Cre ratio, Alb/Cre ratio
   Test strip Uriflet S-U series, AUTION Sticks 10PA
   Test strip reaction time Approx. 60 seconds
   Test strip capacity Maximum of 400 test strips (200 strips for each of 2 feeders)
   Min. sample volume 2mL or more for normal measurement mode
1mL or more for small volume measurement mode
10 - 100 mL for cup STAT measurement mode
   Processing speed Maximum of 225 samples per hour
   Data capacityt Sufficient for 2,700 tests in normal measurement mode
(Including 200 tests for control measurements)
   Display 7 inch WVGA color touch panel
   Outer dimensions 530(W) × 530(D) × 550(H) mm
   Weight Approx. 45kg (Main unit and sampling unit)
   Power consumption Maximum of 150VA (or less)

This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc.
ARKRAY Marketing Inc. is ARKRAY's marketing supervision entity for Japan.