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Oct 21, 2016

- Supporting diabetes patients with a useful app -
Service commencement of diabetes life logging application Tara Tsek

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY') shall commence service for Tara Tsek which is a diabetes life logging application for smartphones . The app features a useful menu for diabetes patients which includes diabetes management, meal logs and management of vitals. Furthermore, it can be used free of charge by any diabetes patient who has a smartphone.

As an app for the Philippines market Tara Tsek is an improved version of the diabetes life logging application
Smart e-SMBG, which is used in Japan and each country around the world. The app is also certified by the ISDFI (Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation) as a diabetes life logging application. Tara Tsek refers to the phrase "Let's check" in Tagalog and is instilled with a desire to provide useful support to daily blood glucose control. A warm and approachable logo was also created.

The number of diabetes patients in the Philippines exceeds 3.5 million and is increasing year on year. ARKRAY shall continue to contribute to improved QOL of diabetes patients through the development and provision of products and services, including blood glucose meters and diabetes life logging applications, that are useful for daily blood glucose control and enhancing lifestyle habits.

Features of the product

•Visualization of blood glucose

By recording blood glucose fluctuations and vitals data on events influencing blood glucose such as meals or exercise, a simple graph allows checking of these factors.

•Easy recording on smartphone

Simple input and checking anytime and anywhere facilitates lifestyle improvements.

•Unique and diverse diabetes support tools

The app supports self-management of patients through weight, blood pressure, meal amount, a pedometer, eye test and other tools.

•Communication with GLUCOCARD S

USB communication is possible with the blood glucose meter GLUCOCARD S.

•Synchronizing with Tara Tsek cloud

Input data is synchronizable with Tara Tsek cloud server on the Internet. It can also be checked on a PC browser.

•PDF creation function

Recorded data can be output in a PDF file or sent by email.


●Menu list

• Diabetes management:
Allows input and display of blood glucose values, meals, insulin, events, number of steps and memo taking.

• Vitals management:
Conduct recording and display of vitals data (weight, blood pressure, body temperature).

• Challenge After meal 120:
By plotting a graph of blood glucose values measured at before and 30, 60 and 120 minutes after meals, the patient can see how their blood glucose pattern changes according to what they eat and how they exercise.

•Meal log
•Synchronizing with Tara Tsek cloud
•Hospital visit reminder
•Challenge 48
•Let's look at the soles of our feet!
•Eye test
•Feeling checker


Overview of Tara Tsek

Name Tara Tsek
Release Late October 2016
Required spec. Smartphone requirements are shown below:
Android Ver. 3.2 or later
iPhone iOS7 or later
How to obtain the app •Android
 Download from Google Play Store
 Download from App Store
Price Free of charge