Our Environmentally Friendly Products Initiative

Our Environmentally Friendly Products Initiative

In response to the steadily increasing awareness of environmental issues, ARKRAY's Development Division and Production Division have set the following targets, and have decided to certify products that have been improved compared with our existing products as "environmentally friendly products".

■ Promoting Environmentally Friendly Design and Development

1. Develop products that meet ARKRAY's environmental design standards including environmental regulations

2. Reduce the amount of containers of and packaging on products (including reducing plastic materials) and promote recycling.

In 2022, ARKRAY issued guidelines for our Development Division to evaluate environmentally friendly products.
We will work on development so that 100% of our newly developed products receive this certification.

Evaluation of Environmentally Friendly Products

We evaluate based on criteria like those shown in the table below (a partial excerpt) for the scoring and final decision.

 Evaluation Item  Evaluation Criteria
 Reduce product weight and volume  The entire product is reduced in weight and volume
 Reduce packaging materials  Packaging materials are reduced in weight and volume, and simplified
 Use recycled resources and parts  Environmentally friendly materials are used
 Provide information on recycling, etc.  Parts and packaging materials are labeled to indicate the materials used
 Promote long-term use  The product is now more durable
 Expiration dates for consumables have been extended
 Save energy and resources  Power consumption during measurement and standby has been reduced
 Resource consumption for measurement has been reduced
 Make disassembly easier  Removing batteries has been made easier
 Conserve the environment  The amount of liquid waste has been reduced
 The environmental impact of the materials has been reduced

Only products that reach a certain overall score will be certified and sold as environmentally friendly products.
If we determine during development that the targets have not been met, we will reconsider the design, and we will keep working on development so that 100% of our newly developed products sold from 2022 onward are environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Product Certification Steps